Mission & Vision


To promote and uphold the values of the national Democratic Party, as set forth in the Democratic Party Platform by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in an effort to build a more perfect, inclusive union within Washington County, the state of Tennessee, and the United States of America.


The Washington County Democratic Party will:

  • Encourage, recruit, train, and support Democratic Party candidates for local, state, and federal elections;
  • Financially support all local and state Democratic Party candidates with an initial stipend for seed money for the Primary Election—if there is a Primary Election—as well as continue support of the Democratic Party candidate throughout the General Election;
  • Develop a network of volunteers that the Washington County Democratic Party and Democratic Candidates will utilize to win elections and promote progressive values;
  • Build coalitions across community organizations and community members within (and outside of) Washington County to promote progressive ideals through understanding community needs;
  • Increase membership in the Washington County Democratic Party through local coalition building to ensure that the Party is open, inclusive, and welcoming;
  • Improve the image of the Democratic Party as seen through the eyes of the local community as well as the nation at large;
  • Create a community for Washington County Democratic Party residents to socialize and network;
  • Increase participation in democracy through voter registration drives, issue advocacy, and policy education.

The Washington County Democratic Party recognizes that the path to success on election day as well as for issue advocacy is firmly rooted in the organization’s ability to collaborate, listen, educate, organize, and participate in the democratic process.

The Washington County Democratic Party is a member of the Tennessee Democratic Party, which is a member of the Democratic National Committee.