Join us on March 16 at the 2024 Democratic County Convention

(part of the Delegate Selection Process for the Democratic National Convention)

Saturday, March 16

Doors open at 12 noon

Convention starts at 1 pm

McKinney Center – 103 Franklin Ave,Jonesborough, TN 37659

Purpose of this convention: To designate the 37 Washington County Democratic County Selectors who will attend the Congressional Convention on April 6 (in Greeneville, TN) where they will vote on our Delegates for the Democratic National Convention in August (Chicago, IL). Scroll down for more details.

RSVP for the County Convention as a Selector

RSVP for the County Convention as a Supporter

About the convention(s). The County Convention is part of the larger, multi-tiered process to prepare for the quadrennial Democratic National Convention where presidential and vice-presidential candidates are selected for our party:

  • County Convention (March 16, Jonesborough, TN) – where county parties select “County Selectors”
  • Congressional Convention (April 6, Greeneville, TN) – where County Selectors (from across our congressional district) select “Congressional Delegates”
  • National Convention (August 19-22, Chicago, IL) – where Congressional Delegates (from around the country) select the candidates for President and Vice President

Get involved! You can be part of the process in three ways.

  • Supporter – Just attend the County Convention to help designate our County Selectors (RSVP here as a supporter).
  • County Selector – Your role will be to vote to select Congressional Delegates. To become a County Selector, you must:
    • Vote in the March 5 election
    • Attend the County Convention on March 16 (RSVP here as a Selector)
    • Attend the Congressional Convention on April 6 in Greeneville
  • Congressional Delegate – Your role will be to represent our region at the Democratic National Convention. To be a Delegate, you must:
    • Declare yourself as a candidate to be a Delegate by March 7 (click here)
    • Vote in the March 5 election
    • Attend the Congressional Convention on April 6 in Greeneville
    • Self-fund your participation as part of the Tennessee Delegation
    • Note: You can be both a Selector and a Delegate

Contact us at for more details or attend our information sessions on February 14 (RSVP here) or February 29 (RSVP here)

P.O. Box 1731, Johnson City, TN 37605
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