My biggest motivator in running for Secretary of WCDP would have to be the people. Getting to know the past leadership team, both past and present, seeing and watching the progress they have made in building up our party as well as the people. The positivity that I have been able to witness has been a big influence and I would love to be part of a team that wants change and total inclusivity and to serve our community.

I have very much enjoyed the many different, wonderful groups that are in our area doing so many great things. With my personality, I strive to accomplish anything and everything that I can and with that comes the practice of self-awareness and the ability to pace myself. I have been involved with the local Women’s March for the past three years and I am utterly amazed and astonished each year with the entire event. I was part of the Free Mom Hugs Group at the first annual TriPride event in the Tri-Cities in 2018 and was so moved by the act of making history in our area and by the number of attendees and the overall feeling of the day. So much love in such a short time and I was unable to stop smiling the entire day and I was overcome by the sheer embracement of all the people.

The one thing about me…… I am a talker and there is no stopping me! The one thing that I have learned about myself is that I have a passion for social justice, and I found my voice and it’s here to stay! Picking a top issue is extremely hard for me because I believe they are all equally important. They are all basic human rights and are all just. I believe there needs to be work in all issues and we are constantly learning and working to achieve progress.

The path that the WCDP has been working on has been very successful and I believe we should continue going forward. My favorite part of living in Washington County is seeing our community grow as people and being able to be part of it! Knowledge and Inclusivity are two beautiful things if we embrace it!

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