Democrats value veterans and their families for their work and sacrifice on behalf of our country. In return, Democrats work hard to deliver for veterans. Here is a non-exhaustive list of accomplishments by the Biden administration over the last three years:

  • PACT claims granted to 9,812 Tennessee Veterans (so far)
  • New VA enrollments for 8,188 Tennessee Veterans thanks to the PACT Act
  • Free screenings for toxic exposure to 4.1M veterans
  • $1.85B in benefits to veterans and survivors of toxic exposure
  • 16% increase in processing speed for veterans’ claims
  • $215M in benefits to veterans suffering from cancer
  • Increased staffing at VA and VHA for faster services to veterans
  • Eliminated benefits delays for veterans (by several years)
  • Provide permanent housing for homeless veterans at a rate of 40,000 per year
  • Work transition program (post-discharge) for 200,000 veterans
  • Cutting red tape for veterans to select their caregivers

The work continues. The Biden administration and Democrats across the country are fighting for:

  • A proposal to triple rental assistance for low-income veterans
  • A proposal of investments into mental health & suicide prevention efforts dedicated to Veterans

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