Democrats Deliver for Veterans

Democrats value veterans and their families for their work and sacrifice on behalf of our country. In return, Democrats work hard to deliver for veterans. Here is a non-exhaustive list of accomplishments by the Biden administration over the last three years:

  • PACT claims granted to 9,812 Tennessee Veterans (so far)
  • New VA enrollments for 8,188 Tennessee Veterans thanks to the PACT Act
  • Free screenings for toxic exposure to 4.1M veterans
  • $1.85B in benefits to veterans and survivors of toxic exposure
  • 16% increase in processing speed for veterans’ claims
  • $215M in benefits to veterans suffering from cancer
  • Increased staffing at VA and VHA for faster services to veterans
  • Eliminated benefits delays for veterans (by several years)
  • Provide permanent housing for homeless veterans at a rate of 40,000 per year
  • Work transition program (post-discharge) for 200,000 veterans
  • Cutting red tape for veterans to select their caregivers

The work continues. The Biden administration and Democrats across the country are fighting for:

  • A proposal to triple rental assistance for low-income veterans
  • A proposal of investments into mental health & suicide prevention efforts dedicated to Veterans

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