The Washington County Democratic Party believes everyone’s voice matters. In the United States, we express our voice by voting. We are all equipped with the ability to make a difference and voting is our Constitutional right that empowers us to choose our government and the direction of our local communities, our state, and our country. Every vote counts which means your voice matters.

Even though voting is your Constitutional right, you must be registered in the state you live to be eligible to vote.

When you need to register to vote:

  • If you’ve never registered to vote
  • If you’ve moved (from out of state or locally)

Registering to vote is easy! In Tennessee you can pick up a voter registration form at any county clerk’s office, from the Democrat Resource Center, at any Washington County Democrat Party event, or by clicking “vote” to register online.

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Once you have completed and submitted your voter registration form, you will receive a Voter ID Card in the mail in 2-4 weeks.

Important information on your Voter ID Card:

  • Voter’s personal information
  • Voter’s voting precinct
  • Voter’s state house district
  • Voter’s state senate district
  • Voter’s county commission district
  • Voter’s school district

Make sure to take your Voter ID Card and valid photo ID when you vote!

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