Important Election Dates

Tue May 3, 2022

County Primary
Early voting: April 13-28
Last day to register to vote: April 4
Absentee ballots can be requested: Feb 2–April 26

Thur Aug 4, 2022

State/Federal/Municipal Primary
County General

Early voting: July 15-30
Last day to register to vote: July 5
Absentee ballots can be requested: May 6–July 28

Tue Nov 8, 2022

State/Federal General
Jonesborough/Johnson City Municipal

Early voting: Oct 19—Nov 3
Last day to register to vote: Oct 11
Absentee ballots can be requested: Aug 10–Nov 1

Voter Registration

You must be registered to vote at least 30 days before election day

Check your existing voter registration or update it at GoVoteTN

Absentee Ballot Info

Many voters are eligible to vote absentee by mail. To check your eligibility, visit the Tennessee Sec. of State’s Guide to Absentee Voting

For more information on Washington County absentee voting dates and to request an absentee form, please visit: Washington County Election Commission — Absentee Ballot information

The Washington County Democratic Party encourages everyone to exercise their constitutional right to vote in every election. Full citizen engagement in the electoral process ensures we have a truly representative government. Your voice, your vote, matters.

Your Voter ID Card has printed on it your voting precinct as well as your state house, state senate, county commission, and school board districts. Remember to take your Voter ID Card and a valid photo ID to your polling location when you vote.

Tennessee’s Secretary of State office created a useful tool for all voters in the state to find their voting precincts, view the ballot for the upcoming election, and research each person’s current elected official.

Check your existing voter registration or update it using the “Go Vote TN” button below…

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