National Elections

Elected officials at the federal level impact the lives of every individual in this nation. This is true whether the elected official is the United States President as well as those who serve in the United State House or the United States Senate.

Elected Officials at the national level who serve Washington County, Tennessee:

President: Donald J. Trump

Vice President: Michael R. Pence

United States Senate: Lamar Alexander

United States Senate: Bob Corker

United States House of Representatives: Dr. Phil Roe

We need our elected officials to represent all of us, to represent all of their constituents. Despite our best efforts to hold them accountable, our phone calls, letters, emails, and questions and Town Hall events seem to continue to fall on deaf ears. Therefore, we need candidates who will be responsive to the needs of Washington County, Tennessee. We need candidates who will be responsible servants while in office and strive to create a more perfect union.

We need YOU to run for office!

Democratic candidates who have declared for the 2018 election that would serve Washington County, Tennessee:

United States Senate: Phil Bredesen

United States House: Marty Olsen

Filing deadline: April 5, 2018

The Washington County Democratic Party wants to help prepare you for this big step! Check out our Candidates and Elections Committee that assists candidates and their campaign staff to prepare them for the campaign trail. Their meetings are the first Wednesday of every month, 6 PM, at the Democrat Resource Center (2700 S. Roan St., Suite 440, Johnson City, TN 37601)

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