Every person in Washington County, Tennessee has the ability to make a difference because we all care about our shared community. Some of us have dreamed of running for elected office since we began answering the question of what we want to do when we grow up. Others of us were inspired to make a difference due to a particular issue that was near and dear to our hearts. And some of us realized that after the 2016 election it was time to get off the bench, roll up our sleeves, and run for office ourselves. Regardless of your reason, the Washington County Democratic Party is here to help you succeed on Election Day.

We are governed by elected leaders from our communities, people who should understand our shared needs. But as you know, most of the people in office serve large corporations and big money donors to ensure their seat is safe every Election Day over representing their constituents. It’s time to take a stand, declare our candidacy, so that we can take our shared values to our local, state, and federal governments. It is our patriotic duty to ensure that our government is working for everyone.

Running for office is a big decision, but we know that you are perfect for the job. After all, who knows the needs of our community better than you? You live here. You work here. You play here. You care about your neighbors. You want the next generation to have the same, if not more, opportunities as you had. You want everyone to have access to a job that pays a living wage as well as have access to quality, affordable healthcare. The fact that you care is what makes you an ideal candidate.

It’s okay to test the waters before you declare. Talk to your family and friends to determine how you should proceed. Determine what your top priorities are when elected and how you will effect change once elected. Our family and close friends make the best sounding boards and campaign supporters.

Local Office

Running for a local elected office is the perfect way to influence change in our community. School boards, county mayor, the county commission, and the city commission have direct influence over the investment, development, and growth that happens locally.

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State Office

State elected leaders introduce and vote on legislation that effects everyone in Tennessee on issues such as investing in education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. Running for a state elected office could propel Tennessee up the ranks and to serve as an example to other states on how to support and invest in all constituents.

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National Office

Since the 2016 election, we’ve all witnessed our elected leaders refuse to listen to and meet with their constituents and vote in the best interest of corporations instead of people. The legislation created at this level have a national impact on every American and reflect our values to the rest of the world.

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The WCDP Elections and Candidates Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6 PM at the Democrat Resource Center (2700 S. Roan St., Suite 440, Johnson City, TN 37601). Current and future candidates are able to discuss concerns they have regarding running for office. The WCDP can offer resources to candidates to help them through the filing process, recruiting campaign staff, recruiting volunteers, training on fundraising, developing a campaign plan, crafting a message, and so much more!

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