The Washington County Democratic Party is proud to live in the volunteer state because we know from experience that when someone is in trouble, be they family, friend, or stranger, that we will rise to the occasion to help every member of our community because we are in this together. We are proud of this shared heritage.

The WCDP needs your help to get Democrats elected to all levels of office in 2022 and we know you are just the person to help us!

WCDP and Campaign Volunteer Opportunities

Campaign Volunteer Opportunities

  • Campaign Staff:
    • Campaign Manager
    • Treasurer
    • Communications/Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Field Specialists
    • Volunteer Recruiter
    • Research
  • Canvassing/Door Knocking
    • Going door-to-door with a targeted list from the campaign to educate voters on the candidate and to remind them to vote on Election Day.              
  • Phone Banking
    • Calling voters from a targeted list from the campaign to educate voters on the candidate and to remind them to vote on Election Day.

WCDP Campaign Training Program

The WCDP offers a Campaign Training Program which is a great way for Campaign Managers, Treasurers, Field Specialists, Communications/Marketing, Social Media, Research, and Volunteer Recruiters can learn more about their roles on the campaign and how to help their candidate win on Election Day.

WCDP Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer to serve on one of them WCDP committees:
    • Media and Messaging Committee
    • Bylaws and Infrastructure Committee
    • Volunteer and Membership Committee
    • Fundraising Committee
    • Events Committee
    • Youth and Outreach Committee
    • Candidate Recruitment and Campaign Training Committee
  • Communications Volunteers:
    • Social Media
    • Communicating with the Press
    • Writing Letters to the Editor
  • Early Voting and Election Day Volunteers:
    • Precinct Volunteer
    • Drive voters to the polls


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