Statement on Stolen US Flag

The Washington County Democratic Party’s US flag was stolen from our booth at the Appalachian Fair over the weekend. We prominently display the Stars & Stripes as a reminder that we work hard for all, no matter their political leanings, even when they disagree with us. While we have encountered our fair share of unpleasant … Read more

Statement on Election Integrity

The Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP) stands to affirm that the August 4 elections in our county were held with utmost integrity and fairness. The processes and logistics, including the various safeguards established by the Washington County Election Commission, were impartial and secure and ensured the full veracity of the votes cast. Further, we reiterate … Read more

Vote to elect a new Vice-Chair

At the WCDP’s August Open Membership meeting, nominations were taken for open seats including the positions of Vice-Chair and Executive Committee Representatives for Districts 5, 6, 13, and 15 Representative*. Pursuant to our bylaws, voting by the WCDP Membership (all registered voters in Washington County who pledge to support Democrats) is now open. 🔗 Click … Read more

Candidate Profile: Diane BRADLEY-HARDIN

My name is Diane Bradley-Hardin and I am running for the position of Vice Chair of the Washington County Democraic Party (WCDP). I currently serve on the Washington County Democratic Party Executive Committee (WCDPEC) and have since 2017. I currently serve on the Volunteer and Membership Committee. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration … Read more

WCDP in the Jonesborough Days Parade! Join us!

Join the WCDP in the Jonesborough Days parade on July 3rd! We are looking to have a diverse group of people of all ages. We ask that participants wear a WCDP shirt (available if needed with a suggested donation of $8 if you can help), along with anything else blue, white and red. Let’s show … Read more