🚨 Republicans have filled all their spots for poll workers for the March 5th, 2024 election (both for early voting 2/14-27 and election day 3/5). While we have recruited enough Democrats for early voting, we still need 15 Democrats as poll workers on election day! Poll workers are paid staff Poll workers are trained by … Read more

🚨 Voters across the country sent a message, loud and clear, last night: We must protect women’s and reproductive rights! Democrats and allied organizations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia — states not unlike Tennessee! — worked hard to secure such victories. Even in deep-red areas, access to healthcare can be secured. Will you join us … Read more

Today, the Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP) submitted a letter of support to the Washington County Election Commission (WCEC) endorsing their plan to test Voting Centers in our county for the 2024 election cycle. WCDP is in favor of this initiative because voting centers will ease access to the polls for all Washington County registered … Read more

Local Democrats Thank Voters for Large Turnout and Candidates for Inclusive Campaigns The Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP) thanks voters for turning out in record numbers during the midterm election in our county (at 39.95% compared to 30% statewide). We should all be proud of the work accomplished to date to inform voters about issues … Read more

The Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP) stands to affirm that the August 4 elections in our county were held with utmost integrity and fairness. The processes and logistics, including the various safeguards established by the Washington County Election Commission, were impartial and secure and ensured the full veracity of the votes cast. Further, we reiterate … Read more