WCDP Chair’s response to Rep. Micah Van Huss’s Facebook post that celebrated the Confederacy

August 18, 20170

Representative Micah Van Huss had an opportunity on Wednesday when he posted on Facebook to condemn the violent, hate-filled actions that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this past Saturday. At a time when this nation and his constituents are crying out for sanity and civility from our leaders, Representative Van Huss intentionally allowed the opportunity to pass him by. In his personal example of General Robert E. Lee’s battle flag as a symbol of freedom, which in reality is a symbol of oppression, murder, sexual violence, and stolen identities for generations of enslaved African Americans, he places the economic gains of rich, white Americans over every person of color in this country.

Thursday, August 17, the Washington County Democratic Party is releasing its proposed Washington County, TN based platform, taking it on a listening tour over the next month. The goal is to be a voice for the needs of Washington County, creating a vision of the world in which we want to live. Part of that vision is our dedication to Justice, Equality, and Human Rights. The Washington County Democratic Party includes everyone in Washington County without caveats or qualifiers.

I hope Representative Van Huss learns how to listen to his constituents, all of his constituents, and represent their needs, not only in Nashville, but in everything he does. Until then, the Washington County Democratic Party will provide a platform to ensure that all voices are heard.

– Kate Craig, Chair, Washington County Democratic Party

Kate Craig

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