Michelle Treece

February 1, 20181

Michelle Treece has lived in Northeast Tennessee all of her life and has been involved in our community, working to make a difference every single day. Michelle did this through her work at Science Hill High School as well as at Topper Academy, formerly known as the Alternative Center, in Johnson City. Every single student Michelle taught, she inspired, motivated, and enabled them to believe that achieving their dreams was possible.

When Michelle enters a room, immediately the light and the energy are brighter. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Everything she dedicates herself to becomes bigger, brighter, and better. We shine brighter here in Washington County, Tennessee because of her.

After retiring from the Johnson City School System in the fall of 2016, Michelle has dedicated her time to serving her community, promoting diversity and inclusion, and making sure that people of color not only have a voice but hold seats at all levels of government. During the Women’s March 2.0 Tri-Cities, she told everyone as she announced her candidacy for the Johnson City Schools Board of Education that it was time to, “step up and step out.”

In January 2017, Michelle helped plan as well as performed in the Tri-Cities Women’s March held on the steps of the Historic Courthouse in Jonesborough, TN. From there, she was elected to serve on the Washington County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee and has been part of a team that created the Washington County Democratic Party’s 2017 Platform, planned the Jonesborough Days Parade float for the county Democratic Party, recruited new county Democratic Party members, and planned countless county Democratic Party events. While attending the JC 101 class during the summer of 2017, she was accepted to serve on the Johnson City Public Arts Council. In January 2018, she also joined the Advisory Board for the McKinney Center and serves on the Neighborhood Reconciliation Services, Inc. board.  Now, she is taking her understanding of the classroom, her love for students and inspiring future generations, and her community leadership experience and running for a seat on the Johnson City Board of Education.

Michelle Treece is a valuable member of our community and we are lucky to have the benefit of her time, talents, and experience. Through every way she serves, she will be the catalyst for positive change for individual members of the community as well as our community as a whole. Thank you Michelle!

Kate Craig

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