Kenneth Bonner

February 3, 20180

Kenneth Bonner lives in Washington County, Tennessee and works every day to bring positive change to our community. As the the leader for Community Alliance United for Social Equality (CAUSE) and Restoring Excellence and Community Harmony (REACH) Empowerment Institute. Kenneth’s main focus has been on criminal justice reform by working through local communities and community organizations.

“I think, in order to achieve a society of true equality for all, we will have to change our approach and paradigm of advocacy work. We must find ways of linking our work to achieve maximum impact of our social justice advocacy goals. And more importantly, we must be willing to move beyond our comfort zones and involve ourselves in advocacy work beyond our own individual issues and concerns.”

Kenneth works as a Behavioral Health Technician for Ballard HealthCare and is a member of the NAACP as well as Moms Demand Action. He is a fierce advocate for all minority communities and works to create a safe environment where everyone can thrive. His empathy and passion inspire community members and challenge elected officials to create and advocate for policy that recognizes everyones humanity and ensures that everyone is guaranteed equal opportunity.

During the summer of 2017, Kenneth organized seminars on criminal justice reform where he brought together members of the community and the Johnson City Police to discuss the current criminal justice system, the reality of the privatization of prisons, as well as viable solutions to the system. That seminar brought to the forefront issues inmates and their families face, the increase costs to the tax payers, and the barriers former inmates face to local leaders to challenge everyone to improve the system for our community.

Kenneth is good at bringing community leaders together to build coalitions that will bring positive change.

“I would like to see more minorities, LGBT, and other marginalized people included in the decision-making process of local government leadership. Thus, the emergence of more grassroots candidates that relate to the concerns/issues/struggles of underserved and underprivileged families and communities.”

Washington County, Tennessee is lucky to have Kenneth Bonner working to better our community, to hold us accountable, and inspire us through his passion.

Thank you Kenneth!

Kate Craig

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