Statement on Abortion Rights

August 25, 20220

Today marks a dark day for Tennessee and reproductive rights: Access to abortion, a critical and life-saving health procedure for thousands in our state is now fully banned. The ill-intended ‘trigger law’ is now in effect, thirty days following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. The last clinic to provide safe abortions in northeast Tennessee closed last night and moved from Bristol, TN to Bristol, VA.

It is essential to understand what this means in Tennessee: The law makes no exception for abortions in cases of rape or incest, nor for protecting the life of the mother. Despite what Republicans, like Governor Bill Lee, recently falsely claimed: It is illegal for healthcare staff to assist in any way for any reason, even when the mother’s life is at risk. And the Republican legislature is showing zero sign of making true on their promise to increase social support systems for abortion-denied individuals.

Republicans in Tennessee continue to take away rights from people and lie about it. Democrats in Washington County are standing up to restore rights for the most vulnerable patients and to elect leaders who will deliver better and more affordable access to care for all.

We encourage residents of Washington County to support the Democratic Party as well as Democratic, Independent, and non-partisan candidates running in the November 8 election cycle:


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