Statement on the 2022 Election

November 10, 20220

Local Democrats Thank Voters for Large Turnout and Candidates for Inclusive Campaigns

The Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP) thanks voters for turning out in record numbers during the midterm election in our county (at 39.95% compared to 30% statewide). We should all be proud of the work accomplished to date to inform voters about issues and candidates and to ensure all Northeast Tennesseans had an opportunity to make their voices heard. We will continue our efforts to increase voter turnout locally.

WCDP additionally thanks local and statewide candidates Kate Craig, John Baker, Jay Emberton, Cameron Parsons, and Jason Martin, as well as their teams, for running inclusive and community-oriented campaigns in Washington County. They demonstrated a remarkable commitment to serving residents throughout the county. We applaud them and honor the personal sacrifices they made to run and represent voters.

Although the ultimate results were not what we had hoped for, critical progress and electoral gains were made by Democrats in Washington County, even leading in a subset of precincts. We congratulate our candidates, their teams, and all our volunteers, donors, and supporters who made these advances happen. They further encourage us to continue the fight for affordable and accessible healthcare, fully funding schools and decent salaries for teachers, affordable and equitable housing in Washington County, physical safety and economic security for all.

To discuss this electoral cycle’s outcomes and kickstart our efforts toward the 2024 elections, WCDP will be holding an Election Debrief Zoom Call on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 6 pm (click here to register – it is free to attend).

The WCDP Team


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