Protecting our LGBTQ+ friends, families, and neighbors

January 12, 20230

The slate of hate, a series of anti-LGBTQ+ bills pushed by Tennessee Republicans at the state level, continues to threaten our communities.

  • [Passed – Effective 7/1/2023]TN Senate/House Bill 0001 would criminalize medical and healthcare procedures for trans youth (click here to view the bill)
  • [Passed – Effective 4/1/2023]TN Senate Bill 0003/House Bill 0009 would criminalize drag shows on public property or anywhere viewable by children (click here to view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 0005/House Bill 1378 would further criminalize healthcare procedures and services for trans individuals (click here to view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 0841/House Bill 0030 would require strict permitting and board oversight for drag show venues and performers and would further prohibit access to drag performances by youth (view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 1237/House Bill 0306 would further previous bans on prohibiting trans students from participating in sports and further financial penalties on school districts that allow such participation by legalizing discriminatory policies in private schools to bar students’ participation in sports and athletic activities based on their biological sex (view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 1440/House Bill 0239 would define “sex” using biological, anatomical, or genetic characteristics only, determined as “immutable” (view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 0102/House Bill 0158 would prohibit implicit bias training in educational institutions (view the bill)
  • TN Senate Bill 0466/House Bill 1269 would allow teachers and faculty to purposefully misgender students (view the bill)

That’s six eight bills targeting the LGBTQ+ community in general and our trans siblings and youth in particular. It is outright unacceptable. All these bills are sponsored and endorsed by Republican legislators: Senator Rusty Crowe and State Representatives Rebecca Alexander and Tim Hicks support this slate of hate.

The Washington County Democratic Party vehemently denounces these bills as cruel attacks on vulnerable Tennesseans. We invite residents of Washington County to call their State elected officials to ask them to vote AGAINST all these bills:

  • Call Senator Crowe’s office at (615) 741-2468
  • Call Representative Alexander’s office at (615) 741-2251
  • Call Representative Hicks’ office at (615) 741-1717

[Updated 01/21/23 with TN Senate Bill 1440/House Bill 0239]
[Updated 03/31/23 with the passage of the first two bills]
[Updated 04/05/23 with TN Senate Bill 0102/House Bill 0158]
[Updated 04/05/23 with TN Senate Bill 0466/House Bill 1269]


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