Local Democrats Condemn Republicans’ Efforts to Expel Tennessee House Democrats Who Called for Gun Reform

April 4, 20230

Washington County Democratic Party Encourages the Public to Take Action in Support of Common Sense Gun Laws in Tennessee

On Monday, the Republican leaders in the Tennessee House introduced a resolution to expel Representatives Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), Justin Jones (D-Nashville), and Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) after the first two were stripped of their committee assignments with no constitutional justification (Rep. Pearson did not have committee assignments). These egregious decisions are retribution for these Representatives’ speaking up in the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting on March 27. 

“It is our contention that Representatives Johnson, Jones, and Pearson did not contravene any House rules and are simply scapegoated to deflect from the Republicans’ refusal to act in support of common sense gun laws,” said Sylvain Bruni, Chair of the Washington County Democratic Party (WCDP). “Speaker Sexton is turning the Tennessee legislature into a quasi-fascist organization where they disregard the rule of law. We are gravely concerned.”

WCDP asks the public to call their Washington County representatives and Speaker Sexton to voice their support of the rule of law in Tennessee, and against the expulsion of three Representatives who only voiced their constituents’ position. Voters deserve to be represented by those they elect!

  • Call Speaker Sexton’s office at (615) 741-2343
  • Call Representative Alexander’s office at (615) 741-2251
  • Call Representative Hicks’ office at (615) 741-1717

Democrats in Washington County reiterate their positions and call for common sense gun laws in our State, positions which are supported by responsible gun owners across the United States and a majority of Tennesseans.

Democrats stand for red flag laws, a ban on new assault weapons purchases, and the removal of gun show loopholes. Democrats stand against arming teachers, permitless carry, and 18-year-olds purchasing handguns.

WCDP further encourages the public to call their elected officials and share these positions, and to volunteer with local organizations like Moms Demand Action and March for Our Lives.


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