Lauren Johnson’s Challenge for Voter Registration

January 26, 20180

Registering voters is one of the single most important tasks any of us can do to be successful on Election Day. Registering voters and making sure everyone is able and turns out to vote ensures that our democracy is truly representative. If any one voice is missing, everyone misses out.

Tennessee has made it even easier for you to register to vote! All you have to do is go online, using this link, and register. Your voter registration card will be mailed to you upon completion.

Lauren Johnson, the Secretary for the Washington County Democratic Party, reminded everyone who attended the Women’s March 2.0 Tri-Cities rally that:

“We need your voice to be heard. It needs to be heard here, and in Nashville, and in Washington… In 2018, make your voice heard! And in 2019, we will be here, celebrating more progress and more victories.”

The path to developing the communities want want is all proportional to the work we put in to collaborate and organize so that we can see the changes we want and need to see. We can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. The time is here and now.

Lauren also reminded us last Saturday that we’ve done so much over the past year here in Northeast Tennessee.

“We’ve marched, rallied, and protested. When Net Neutrality was threatened, we rallied! When the future of DREAMers in our country was threatened, we came together to support local DREAMers! We’ve marched for women’s rights, stood for LGBT rights, and immigrant rights. Wend we’re here today, with snow on the ground, because still we stand strong for each other.”

There’s so much we can continue to do! Let’s never stop challenging each other as we sow the seeds for brighter tomorrows.

“This year, in 2018, what will we do?

We will: Continue to connect and grow and learn. Continue to call our elected representatives, to write Letters to the Editor. Continue to march! To rally to support what is right and just! To protest injustices”

Thank you Lauren Johnson for your call to action on Saturday at the Women’s March 2.0 Tri-Cities and for your service to Washington County, Tennessee. Thank you to everyone who continues to organize in Northeast Tennessee. It might be a long road ahead, but consider how far we’ve come. Consider how far we’ve come together.

Kate Craig

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